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Rockford Photo Club History

There is no recorded history regarding the early years of the club. It was originally known as the Rockford Lens and Shutter Club formed by a few local photography enthusiasts. It is safe to assume that print film, black and white and color were the prevalent formats.

In the 70's and early to mid 80's there were about ten members who met on a regular basis. In the middle to late 80's membership grew to about 75 people. Monthly contests were held, shoot nights featuring posed subjects with lighting were a frequent event. There were also auction nights for members to sell used equipment.  

In the 90's and early 2000's the club had 35 to 40 active members who met twice a month. There was an Ad Hoc group known as  the Snappers who got together on a regular basis for one day trips and an occasional week end trip. Slide film was the most common format.  Club contests were often judged by a panel of experienced club members. Member print shows were on display at places like the Rockford Public Library, Rockford Airport, the Discovery Center, Klehm, and Cherry Valley Library. Camera formats changed from SLR to DSLR.

Current membership continues to be about 50 people who meet twice a month for display nights, contests, member presentations, workshops , guest presentations, and regular outings.

If you have additional history of our club, contact me at: and our history page will be updated.

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