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Our club conducts contests to challenge members to present their best efforts in captureing an image  within the context of the contest subject. We have 4 contests a year with the subject communicated for the next year communicated and our year-end Christmas Dinner. Each contest is judged by an independent judge who is a professional, instructor or recognized expert in photographic art. It is an opportunity for members to focus on the subject, plan their shoot, execute a finished printed/mounted image for 3 of the 4 contests. If you haven't won during the year, our last contest of the year is the "2nd Chance" contest, where you may re-enter any 2 images from the year for a second chance at winning. Good Luck to Every Member!

You can easily submit contest ideas using the Activity Suggestion Form on the Membership Page!

Club Operating Guidelines

We love freedom to create and move our members to more satisfying experiences with others or individually. Please stay between the lines or you'll get ticketed (LOL)! We are always looking for new leadership for our next great adventure, so consider joining the Board of Directors to help us get this right!

Contest Rules for Everyone!


You gotta follow the rules! Check the .pdf below so you get it. We welcome input as to needed changes that will move our club forward without limiting our creativity!

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