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Open Print Contest 8/12/2021

Karl Mohr hyde_chapel_sm.jpg

1st Place Enhanced
Karl Mohr

2nd Place Patty VanStone Enhanced.Galena balloon festival hr.jpg

2nd Place Enhanced
Patty Van Stone

Karl Mohr side_tallman_sm.jpg

3rd Place Enhanced
Karl Mohr


HM John Messley Enhanced 23 - Yellow Pond Lily - Castle Rock, Washington, USA copy.jpeg

Honorable Mention Enhanced
John Messley

1st Place Dave Donahue Realistic Grosbeak6559A copy 3.jpg

1st Place Realistic
Dave Donahue

2nd Place Chuck Hughes Enhanced_DSC5013_

2nd Place Realistic
Chuck Hughes

3rd Place Realistic
Chuck Hughes

3rd Place Chuck Hughes Enhanced..Dsc4568.jpg
HM Dave Donahue Realistic Sunflowers8272.jpg

Honorable Mention Realistic
Dave Donahue

Honorable Mention

Nancy Gustafson


Our Contest Judge
Thomas Guschl

I have a 2yr. degree  from the Milwaukee Area Technical College).

Worked as a professional photographer doing industrial photography for over 20 years, then went freelance and had my own business in Rockford,IL. for 30 years.

Became a member of the Professional Photographers of America in 1967. I had the highest scoring industrial print in their yearly print competition (international) my first year. Was awarded the 'Master of Photography' Degree for my photos and a 'Photographic Craftsmen' Degree for service to the industry (teaching and speaking engagements nationally).

I have also taught for many years at both Rockford University and Rock Valley College.

I have worked in several dozen States, as well as, four foreign countries.

Retired from my business several years ago, but still do a few assignments for friends when needed.

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