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In-Focus Club Newsletter    Elaine Dyke, Editor

Paul Mueller - 09.17.1932 - 04.25.2021


Paul was born in Moline, Il. As a young boy, one of his brothers and  he joined the Quad Cities Archeological Society, searching for clues to the history of the land around the Rock River. Their archeological digs uncovered remains of Indian habitation and prehistoric animals, which set Paul on a lifetime journey of searching the earth for its story.


He graduated from Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, then completed his Master’s Degree at Washington State University. His thesis for that degree was based upon living alone for 2 months in the mountains of Colorado, sometimes walking 20 miles a day to record his findings.


His first job was assessing a copper ore deposit on the top of a mountain as a geologist.  His next job was with Atlantic Richfield where he was in charge of oil exploration in the Wyoming Powder River Basin.


Then, he took a job teaching Earth Science at Guilford High School in Rockford, Illinois. (His brother taught at Auburn High School) His personal experiences in the mountains and knowledge of geology inspired an estimated 6125 students over the many years that he taught.


When he wasn’t teaching, Paul spent his time traveling, especially to his property on the west edge of Glacier National Park, Montana. He always had his camera with him to record his view of this beautiful world in which we live. He was a skilled snow skier, hiker, and loved the out of doors.  His interest in photography led him to join the Rockford Lens and Shutter Club, Pixel People, and the Rockford Photo Club where he exhibited his original images that he created on his computer and printed for numerous competitive shows. 


His family and friends miss Paul’s presence.  He lived a full, honest life, possessing a positive outlook and had a great sense of humor. His photographic art prints represent his interest and knowledge of many topics.  He collected fossils, grew trees, walked many miles in numerous terrains, climbed mountains, traveled to Alaska, and his camera images tell his story.


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