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 Digital Contest Results 5/27/2021 - Open Categories

Best of Show Kayla Lindquist Realistic_1

Best of Show Kayla Lindquist

Enhanced Category

1st Place Chuck Hughes Enhanced_6.jpg

1st Place Chuck Hughes 

2nd Place Elaine Dyke Enhanced_8.jpg

2nd Place Elaine Dyke

3rd Place Elaine Dyke Enhanced_9.jpg

3rd Place Elaine Dyke

HM Karl Mohr Enhanced_5.jpg

Honorable Mention Karl Mohr

Realistic Category

1st Place Kayla Lindquist Realistic_12.j

1st Place Kayla Lindquist

2nd Place Ralph Velasco Realistic_8.jpg

2nd Place Ralph Velasco

3rd Place Dave Donahue Realistic_3.jpg

3rd Place Dave Donahue

HM Ralph Velasco Realistic_9.jpg

Honorable Mention Ralph Velasco

Contest Judge

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